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German-Based Metalformer Expands U.S. Presence in SC

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Stueken, LLC (Hubert Stuken GmbH), a producer of deep-drawn and progressive-die stampings, announced plans to expand its facility in Fountain Inn, SC. The $3.2 million expansion will add at least 27 new positions, to meet increased demand for automotive fuel-injection and braking systems, as well as parts for the pharmaceutical, medical-device, electronics and consumer-goods industries, say company officials. After the expansion is completed (in spring 2014), the plant will encompass more than 110,000 sq. ft. and employ more than 100 associates;

German Auto-Parts Supplier Commissions Huge Servo Press

Monday, January 20, 2014
A 25,000-kN 8- b y 2.5-m servo-transfer press has entered production at automotive supplier Paul Craemer GmbH, Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany, for production of structural parts, primarily car-seat shells. The press, the largest servo-transfer model every built by Schuler AG, replaced a two-press production line linked by three automation systems. Schuler Automation engineered a tri-axis transfer system for the new press that spans more than 10 m. More at Here’s a look at the press.

Everythings Big in Texas, Including the New Metalloid Facility

Monday, January 20, 2014
Metalloid Corp., Sturgis, MI, a manufacturer of green metalworking fluids and other specialty chemical products, has moved to a new larger facility in Jacksonville, TX. The 54,000-sq.-ft. facility includes a laboratory, office and manufacturing capabilities;


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