Autonomous Mobile Robot for Material Handling

September 11, 2020

Waypoint-Robotics-VectorVector, from Waypoint Robotics, is an industrial-strength, omnidirectional autonomous mobile robot (AMR) for manufacturing and logistics material-handling applications. Vector can carry as much as 600 lb. and is designed for workers to move parts, materials and tools, even in unpredictable and changing conditions. Vector can handle dull, dangerous and dirty tasks, enabling employees to focus on other tasks.

Waypoint also offers MAV3K, an omnidirectional AMR with a carrying capacity of 3000 lb. for moving pallets and other heavier loads. Accessories such as Kingpin enable Vector and MAV3K to load and unload payloads, and connect to carts automatically. And, all Waypoint AMRs can maintain charges via the EnZone contactless, wireless charging system. 


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Technologies: Pressroom Automation


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