Watch: The Impressive Manufacturing Process Behind the New 2024 Mercedes Coupe

June 14, 2023

From the press and body shops to the assembly line and on to battery production, this video provides an all-encompassing tour of the Mercedes-Benz production facility in Bremen, Germany, tasked with gearing up production of the electrified 2024 Mercedes CLE. That platform is set to replace the C- and E-Class coupes and will be revealed in July prior to the planned start of North American sales in 2024.

The 17-min. 28-sec. video provides a pass through the press shop in the Bremen facility, home to reportedly one of the most modern servo-press lines in the world. It features an automatic test system featuring in-line robotic inspection. Also on display: A new body shop developed to provide flexibility, using production cells (or cubes) that can be flexibly combined with each other based on production schedules.  

Technologies: Management


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