"We will have a lot of Gen Zs entering our workforce and they will change the way we work."Destiny of Manufacturing
Pressroom Automation

Generation Z in the Workforce, Will Healy, E602

Will Healy III is enthusiastic about manufacturing, technology and workforce development. A Purdue University mechanical engineer who loves to share his passion for automation, he is a global leader at Universal Robots and with the Advanced Manufac... November 28, 2022 Universal Robots
"When it comes to 5S, better lighting makes people feel better and happier in their jobs." Destiny of Manufacturing A Flex-N-Gate Engineer, Moran Discu... Pressroom Automation

A Flex-N-Gate Engineer, Moran Discu...

A third-generation technician who started his first apprenticeship at 15, George Moran worked in gas plants and steel ... PODCAST Schuler Incorporated
"Caterpillar sent me to an Allen Bradley CNC class, and after that I decided I wanted to work for them! And I spent 25 years working there, gaining insights into a variety of manufacturing industries." Destiny of Manufacturing Manufacturing Needs More Automation... Pressroom Automation

Manufacturing Needs More Automation...

Bob has 40 years of experience in the Industrial & Commercial Machinery Automation and Robotics Business. He started w... PODCAST
Need a quote“We’re seeing massive growth in the use of blanks and sheets among U.S. metal formers in the last 5 yr., driven by the technology evolution of lasers and the use of material-storage towers to feed equipment lights-out. We’ve invested a ... Destiny of Manufacturing A Look at the Technology Evolution ... Pressroom Automation

A Look at the Technology Evolution ...

Bill Hickey is chairman of Lapham-Hickey Steel Corp., a steel service center founded in 1926. The family owned and ope... PODCAST Lapham-Hickey Steel Corp., Oshkosh Div.
“My 5-yr. outlook: Accelerated adoption of fully virtual, fully digital validation not only of product design but also reaching toward procedural and process planning, not so easily captured with more conventional methods.” Destiny of Manufacturing Extended Reality (XR) solutions for... Pressroom Automation

Extended Reality (XR) solutions for...

Eric Kam is an Industry Marketing Manager for ESI-Group. He shares responsibility for evangelizing engineering applica... PODCAST ESI Group
"Automation doesn’t reduce the number of jobs, it creates opportunities to retrain and re-employ." Destiny of Manufacturing Automation, Robotics and Workforce ... Pressroom Automation

Automation, Robotics and Workforce ...

Stamtec's Lee Ellard provides his professional insight into the future of manufacturing and how automation is impactin... PODCAST Stamtec, Inc.
“The logistics industry is on the cusp of some amazing things, such as driverless trucks, delivery drones and lights out operations.” Destiny of Manufacturing An Evolution in Logistics Technolog... Pressroom Automation

An Evolution in Logistics Technolog...

Trever Ehrlich, Creative Solutions Manager, Kenco Management Services, LLC is a technologist with a passion for bringi... PODCAST
“To remain relevant over the next 5 years, we need to position our company to deal with the growth of electric and autonomous vehicles.” Destiny of Manufacturing The Changing Landscape of Metal For... Pressroom Automation

The Changing Landscape of Metal For...

Stripmatic's Bill Adler shares his future views of the metal forming industry—how do we position our company to servic... PODCAST
“Learning how to make humans and robots/cobots work together on the plant floor will be a huge enabler for optimizing manufacturing efficiency.” Destiny of Manufacturing Robotics and Automation—More than J... Pressroom Automation

Robotics and Automation—More than J...

Colin Hunter is a Mechanical Engineer at Industrial Innovations. He graduated from GVSU in 2014 with a Bachelors in Me... PODCAST Industrial Innovations, Inc.
“Over the next 5 years, I see robots taking over manufacturing tasks unforeseen just a few years ago--specifically, visual inspection and identifying bad parts.” Destiny of Manufacturing Automation and Lights Out Manufactu... Pressroom Automation

Automation and Lights Out Manufactu...

Troy Turnbull is CEO of Industrial Innovations. Troy is also the Vice-Chair for the Precision Metalforming Association... PODCAST Precision Metalforming Association

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