"Post-pandemic, we expect to see continued emphasis by PMA members on new technologies such as robotics and automation."Destiny of Manufacturing

An Industry Update with PMA President David Klotz

PMA President David Klotz returns to discuss how association members have adapted to the COVID19 pandemic, kept their employees safe and managed to stay productive. He also discusses how post-pandemic the emphasis will return to training (using META... November 16, 2020 Precision Metalforming Association
"The Paycheck Protection Program Loan allows companies to preserve cash flow to give them a lifeline to get through the coming weeks." Talking with One Voice COVID-19: The Implementation of Leg... Management

COVID-19: The Implementation of Leg...

This week, your Washington team met remotely to discuss the federal legislative response to COVID-19 and how those progr... PODCAST
“In early March, we created a coronavirus guidance website. A place our members can go to for resources, government guidelines and more.” Destiny of Manufacturing PMA's COVID-19 Support Management

PMA's COVID-19 Support

PMA President, David Klotz, discusses how the association is providing resources, guidance and support to its members du... PODCAST Precision Metalforming Association
"96% of small business owners are already being hurt by the coronavirus." Talking with One Voice Manufacturing in the Time of Corona... Management

Manufacturing in the Time of Corona...

Your Washington team met up this week (virtually!) to record an episode on all things COVID-19 and how this unprecedente... PODCAST Precision Metalforming Association
"The administration is taking a strong focus on workforce development...we are making a difference." Talking with One Voice While Dems Move from NV to SC, Coro... Management

While Dems Move from NV to SC, Coro...

This week, the team connects to discuss the federal budget, what Nevada has revealed about the future of the democratic ... PODCAST Precision Metalforming Association
"Turnout did not even pass 2016 numbers. Donald Trump wins reelection if turnout is low. Iowa was not a good sign for the Democratic party." Talking with One Voice Dems Stumble in Iowa, Trump Touts S... Management

Dems Stumble in Iowa, Trump Touts S...

This week was a busy one in politics. Iowa districts are still submitting caucus results after a technical snafu on Mond... PODCAST Precision Metalforming Association
"We are expecting the House to move aggressively on spending bills that deal with workforce training." Talking with One Voice Americans Want Candidates Who Care ... Management

Americans Want Candidates Who Care ...

On this week's episode, the One Voice team in Washington breaks down what is - and isn't - happening in Congress as ... PODCAST Precision Metalforming Association