An active PMA member for 25 years, Klotz is already well known within the association. He comes to PMA after serving as president and as Executive vice president of sales and ma...Destiny of Manufacturing

An Industry Update with PMA President David Klotz

PMA President David Klotz returns to discuss how association members are training ther teams using METALFORM EDU, which has added 100 new courses in recent months, and to implementing new technologies such as servo presses, automation and robotics. November 16, 2020 Precision Metalforming Association
"The administration is taking a strong focus on workforce development...we are making a difference." Talking with One Voice While Dems Move from NV to SC, Coro... Management

While Dems Move from NV to SC, Coro...

This week, the team connects to discuss the federal budget, what Nevada has revealed about the future of the democratic ... PODCAST Precision Metalforming Association
"Turnout did not even pass 2016 numbers. Donald Trump wins reelection if turnout is low. Iowa was not a good sign for the Democratic party." Talking with One Voice Dems Stumble in Iowa, Trump Touts S... Management

Dems Stumble in Iowa, Trump Touts S...

This week was a busy one in politics. Iowa districts are still submitting caucus results after a technical snafu on Mond... PODCAST Precision Metalforming Association
"We are expecting the House to move aggressively on spending bills that deal with workforce training." Talking with One Voice Americans Want Candidates Who Care ... Management

Americans Want Candidates Who Care ...

On this week's episode, the One Voice team in Washington breaks down what is - and isn't - happening in Congress as ... PODCAST Precision Metalforming Association
"Workforce remains the top priority, and we’ve had some great victories." Talking with One Voice Reflections on 2019, Looking Ahead ... Management

Reflections on 2019, Looking Ahead ...

In the first official episode of the Talking with One Voice podcast, your Washington team explores the progress and deve... PODCAST Precision Metalforming Association
"Metalformers and die shops better be aware of and prepared for the continued escalation of globalization." Destiny of Manufacturing What Escalating Globalization Means... Management

What Escalating Globalization Means...

Danny Schaeffler is president of Engineering Quality Solutions and Chief Content Officer of 4M Partners. Danny writes ... PODCAST Engineering Quality Solutions, Inc.
“The coming ‘silver Tsunami’ and the amount of knowledge leaving the industry as people retire will challenge metal formers in every way.” Destiny of Manufacturing The Management

The "Silver Tsunami" and Manufactur...

Will Healy III is enthusiastic about smart manufacturing & STEM. A Purdue University mechanical engineer who loves shari... PODCAST Balluff, Inc.
“It’s an exciting time, as steel mills continue to produce new grades to help improve automobile safety and fuel economy.” Destiny of Manufacturing New Materials Driving Changes in Ma... Management

New Materials Driving Changes in Ma...

Born in Longview, TX, and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Trevor Ryals is with Kenwall Steel. Graduate of the University of Vi... PODCAST
"The days of low or unskilled labor on the manufacturing plant floor are going away, if not already gone." Destiny of Manufacturing The Skill-Level Transformation of P... Management

The Skill-Level Transformation of P...

Jeff Aznavorian, President of Clips and Clamps, discusses the transformation of the skill level needed in our plants, an... PODCAST Clips & Clamps Industries
“Using tariffs as a way to deal with our trading partners not only is ineffective, it’s damaging to our industry long term.” Destiny of Manufacturing Talking the Skills Gap, and the Ine... Management

Talking the Skills Gap, and the Ine...

Troy Roberts, CEO of Beanstalk CCW, LLC, discusses the urgent need to ensure we have an adequate supply of skilled work... PODCAST
"To better serve customers through transparency, manufacturers must focus on managing cost, lead time and manufacturability." Destiny of Manufacturing Transparency in Manufacturing Management

Transparency in Manufacturing

Greg heads application engineering at Xometry, an on-demand manufacturing leader. Greg handles special-case projects tha... PODCAST Xometry
"I do a lot of training in the industry, and I see a major push to building a higher skilled labor force--including among maintenance technicians." Destiny of Manufacturing Machine Repair, Training, Reducing ... Management

Machine Repair, Training, Reducing ...

Jeff Fredline has more than 40 years experience in the Metal Stamping Press Industry. He has extensive experience in met... PODCAST
“To remain relevant over the next 5 years, we need to position our company to deal with the growth of electric and autonomous vehicles.” Destiny of Manufacturing The Changing Landscape of Metal For... Management

The Changing Landscape of Metal For...

Stripmatic's Bill Adler shares his future virews of the metal forming industry—how do we position our company to service... PODCAST

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