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Thursday, March 1, 2018

SigmaTek Systems demonstrated its newly released SigmaNest X1.4 nesting software with several new features. The offering includes a customizable ribbon toolbar to create custom groups, display functions that are used most often and hide those that are not, add and remove functions from all groups, and rearrange all groups and functions within the toolbar. Another innovation is the HD rectangular nesting engine, which the company says results in an average 3-percent increase in yield versus the standard rectangular nesting engine, thereby optimizing material utilization. A third feature, the Google Translate button, translates content into 12 languages. Finally, the Auto Single Hit function allows users to choose whether to apply tooling to internal, external, or all contours; select which types of tools will be used; and automatically apply tooling to all single-hit contours. Jim Lindsey, director and product manager at SigmaTek, says the new release will enable companies to improve their efficiency by saving time through more automated steps and customizable features.

SigmaTek www.sigmanest.com


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