Die Simulation and Die Kinematics

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Logopress3 & Accurate Die Design Software, Inc.
Booth A5316

Accurate Die Design Software will showcase its expertise in die simulation (die kinematics) and dynamic-interference detection using Logopress3. Progressive and transfer dies are proven interference-free in less than an hour in many cases, reducing setup time and eliminating costly redesign issues. Varying progressions through the transfer die are simulated along with stock lift at stations. Rotation of the part is simulated as is every other function, including cams. Simulated machines include servo and link-motion presses, and multislide equipment. Booth demonstrations will show the die-design software’s capabilities, which include flattening, blank prediction, nesting and strip layout (including round-draw features). The software is SolidWorks-certified.


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