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Schuler to Modernize Tryout Presses for Audi

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Schuler‘s Hydraulic division has received an order to modernize nine tryout presses for the Toolmaking department of Audi AG. The lines were supplied in 1998 by press manufacturer Müller Weingarten, which Schuler acquired in 2007.
In addition to a complete retrofit of their electrical and hydraulic systems, including the sealing of all cylinders and various mechanical overhauls, the nine lines, with press forces of 1,200 to 2,100 mtons, also will be fitted with new safety technology. Work is due to begin in mid-2015.
Besides its own brand, Audi’s Toolmaking department also supplies other brands of the Volkswagen Group with forming dies and equipment for car-body manufacturing.
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