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Jagemann Goes Retail with Brass Shell Casings

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Jagemann Sporting Group, a division of Jagemann Stamping Co., Manitowoc, WI, has partnered to provide brass shell casings to the retail market via a new reloading brass program. With the partnership, Crow Shooting Supply has added Jagemann Bagged Brass to its product line. The product line features casings for pistols, revolvers and rifles.
Before going retail, Jagemann ( has been providing brass casings to the OEM market for more than five years.
“We are very excited to launch our program to the retail market, says Nathan Dudley, Jagemann product manager. “Jagemann brass has been a leader in the OEM ammunition community for some time and now we are pleased to offer the same quality, consistency and reliability to home loaders. Our partnership with Crow Shooting Supply will reach many retail channels both in the U.S. and abroad and their philosophy of fast shipping and always being in stock on items fits our business model perfectly. We are looking forward to having our brass line in stores as we continue to develop more variants."  


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