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Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Weiler Corp., Cresco, PA, has added a new 4.5-in. Roughneck to its
weld-Cleaning Brush
line of high-performance stringer-bead brushes, designed specifically for use on 4.5-in. mini-grinders. Traditionally, welders and fabricators using 4.5-in.angle grinders have been limited to 4-in.-dia. stringer-bead wheels for surface preparation, root-pass weld cleaning and interpass weld cleaning. This new Roughneck brush is designed for optimum cleaning action and product life on small angle grinders, and features a high knot count and short trim length. The design reportedly results in a 35-percent improvement in cleaning action, as much as 20 percent less wire loss and a 50-percent boost in brush life compared to a 4-in. stringer- bead brush.

The new Roughneck is available with carbon-steel or Type 302 stainless-steel wire, with a variety of arbor-hole options.

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