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Hypertherm Updates Plasma-Arc Cutting Software

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Hypertherm, Hanover, NH, has updated its Phoenix software, versions 6 and 8.5, with new features to support its new HyPerformance HPR400XD plasma-arc-cutting power supply, the industry’s first 400-A HyPerformance system. New software features include improved marking cut charts, piercing parameters and auto-gas support. Additionally, Phoenix 8.5 adds updated cut charts for Hypertherm’s Powermax45 machine.


Phoenix software comes with Remote Help customer-support functionality that allows fabricators to remotely connect a CNC to the OEM and to Hypertherm, if needed. Remote Help also proves useful for transferring or downloading setup files, part programs and software updates.

Phoenix 8.5 has the added benefit of the patent-pending CutPro Wizard that allows even inexperienced operators to run a table in less than 5 min. using drop-down menus.

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