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Laser Sensor for Hostile Environments

Thursday, May 1, 2008
Contrinex, Inc., Old Saybrook, CT, has introduced an M12 laser sensor with a body length of only 50 mm and an operating range of 50 m. It is made for use in hostile environments that prohibit the use of photoelectric and fiberoptic sensors and where even inductive devices are susceptible to failure.

These sensors are protected to IP-67, immune to interference from other light sources, resistant to high shock levels and protected against the effects of electromagnetic radiation. The stainless-steel, high-performance sensors are ideal for processes such as welding where fumes, soot and sparks create a hostile environment and yet it is necessary to verify certain key components are present and correctly assembled. With a sensing-beam diameter of less than 1 mm, they can be used to detect small objects accurately at a distance where the process emissions do not affect the device.

Using a pulsed laser, it is a simple process to line up and set the fine through-beam to detect the target. Detection is confirmed by a yellow LED, while a green LED confirms there is sufficient light for reliable operation. This diagnostic system also continuously monitors for dirt buildup or any misalignment that may occur during operation.

The sensors have an operating supply voltage from 10 to 30 V DC, a 5-kHz switched output frequency and a current rating of 200 mA. In addition, the sensing range is stable from -25 to +55 C and they are short-circuit and inverse-polarity proof and overload-protected.

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