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Press-Pit Lining Stops Contamination

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
A new lining system for contaminated pits under large presses now is proven technology, according to its developer, Techcoat Contractors, Inc., Paramount, CA.

This lining installs in any age pit, new or old, including heavily contaminated pits. The lining can be installed directly over hydrocarbon-saturated concrete or old conventional coatings and linings without removal or surface preparation. Flat pit floors can be sloped for drainage, allowing for collection of liquids for recycling.

The Techcoat lining currently is operational in four large press pits at a major light-truck-bed stamping facility in Southern California. The linings were installed over oil-, hydraulic fluid- and lubricant-saturated concrete. These pit linings immediately stopped migration of liquid contaminants into the concrete and subsoil and now collect 100 percent of all liquids entering the pits, according to Techcoat officials. Liquid flows to a center swale and is directed to a small sump for removal by either periodic or automatic pumping.

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