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Multi-Purpose Parts Bins

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
The key to the versatility of multi-purpose parts bins from Durham Mfg., Durham, CT, lies with removable vertical dividers that allow a stamper to create compartments of varying widths to accommodate a range of different-sized parts. The dividers slide easily through slots provided in each shelf.

Two models are offered—a three-shelf unit with five dividers for the formation of as many as 18 compartments, and a six-shelf unit with five dividers for the formation of as many as 36 compartments. Both measure 23¾ in. wide by 4¾ in. deep, varying only in height—23¾ and 12¼ in. The width allows both models to fit perfectly on the end of back-to-back 12-in. shelving.

Fabricated of cold-rolled steel, fully welded compartment bottoms are angled to allow simple part removal. Front edges of the shelves are turned up to retain parts and also serve as label holders for identification purposes.

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