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Control Eases Press-Brake Programming

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Haco-Atlantic, Inc., a member of the Haco Intl. Group, Houston, TX, introduces its angle programming controls and R-axis height adjustment on low-cost synchromaster CNC press-brake line. Now it can offer the high-end four axis controls for simple bending at an economical price, claim company officials.

The ATS 6000 and ATS 9000 (2D) graphics controller is designed for making press-brake production simpler, faster and more reliable. The interface eliminates complicated press-brake programming.

It has a memory of more than 1000 programs and extensive material and tool libraries. ATS 9000 provides detailed graphical simulation and a clear overview of the production cycle. The heavy-duty X-R axis has an accuracy of 0.004 in. Ram repeatability is 0.0004 in.

Haco-Atlantic: 281/445-3985;


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