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MetalForming Magazine

July 2016 Issue

Volume 50, Number 7

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Cover Article

Selecting a New Automated Plasma-Cutting System
by Dirk Ott
Automating the plasma-arc-cutting process makes sense for fabricators that repeatedly make the same cuts, have a high degree of rework with manual operations, struggle with poor fitup and need weld-ready parts.



Heating Up: the Cyber Age of Automation, Controls
by Louis A. Kren
The brains behind our machinery have evolved to Industry 4.0, with todays most pressing task: Figure out what to do with so much data.
Straightening AHSS--The Science Behind the Solutions
by Brad Kuvin
Stamping advanced high-strength steels can double the force and torque required of feed-line straighteners designed to feed mild steels. Often, custom straightener solutions are required to fit the application. New software utilities can provide proof of concept before investing in new equipment.
The Case for High-Def Plasma Cutting of Sheet and Plate
by Brad Kuvin
Gas mixing at the cutting head, to practically eliminate purging between setups; a high-speed swirling assist gas that produces nearly perfectly square cut faces; and the ability to cut stainless steel with oxidation-free edges have led this fab shop into the next generation of plasma-arc cutting.



IoT and Supply-Chain Visibility
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Forming-Limit Diagrams: Then and Now
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Progressive-Die Carriers
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz



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