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MetalForming Magazine

December 2015 Issue

Volume 49, Number 12

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Cover Article

Reduce the Footprint, Flatten and Feed
by Brad Kuvin
With a new solution in place for feeding high-strength steels, metalformer Nahanni Steel Products notes improved safety, processing times and quality, and reduced setup times.



2015 Awards of Excellence in Metalforming
The Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) used the FABTECH stage in Chicago on November 8 to present its 2015 Awards of Excellence in Metalforming. Presented annually, the awards recognize the high standards of achievement set by the metalforming industry in the areas of design, product development, safety, process control, quality, productivity, and training and education.
Waterjet Machine Thrusts Ohio Fabricator Into New High-Tech Territory
by Lou Kren
"From Stone Age to state-of-the-art" is how Perfection Fabricator's president describes the addition of waterjet technology. The new equipment has cut delivery time, allowed fabrication of diverse materials and positioned the company to better serve its customers.
Fiber Laser Has Material-Handling-Equipment Manufacturer Walking On Air
Air-assist gas cuts operating cost to $4/hr. when operating a new fiber-laser cutting machine at Doyle Manufacturing, while optimum machine performance slashes part-processing time by more than 90 percent.
Understanding Sensors & Error-Proofing, Part 1: Inductive Proximity Sensors
by George Keremedjiev
This first in a series of articles will address the basic topics of how to properly select, install and protect inductive proximity sensors within tooling.
Automotive Still Revving, But is it Sustainable?
by Lou Kren
Within the last few months, MetalForming has been on hand to witness several new press installations throughout the United States, all with the primary aim of satisfying automotive's continuing voracious worldwide appetite. But a new industry report shows that the automotive supply chain must wrestle with numerous challenges to remain successful.



Connectivity the Key to Unlocking Creativity
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Cutting Can Spoil Stretchability
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
A Brief History of the Tool and Die Industry
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
Your IRA from a Tax Loser to a Tax Winner
Blackman on Taxes by Irv Blackman



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