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MetalForming Magazine

December 2008 Issue

Volume 42, Number 12

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Cover Article

Tandem-to-Transfer Transition Kicks Class-A Stamping Line Up a Notch
Stamping large closures and one-piece body sides for local OEMs has Magna's Mexican operations investing in automation to wring as much productivity from its press lines as possible.



Pick, Place and Show
A focus on automation, specifically robotic press tending, keeps this Wisconsin metalformer and fabricator in step with worldwide competition.
The Birth of a Lubricant
by Joe Hough
...and the benefits realized by a lamination stamper: improved corrosion and stain protection, reduced lube consumption, superior quality and elimination of environmental concerns such as excessive mist and operator dermatitis.
Tradeshows Burst with Productivity Pushers
Two major industry tradeshows, IMTS 2008 and FABTECH & AWS Welding Show introducing METALFORM, recently treated tens of thousands of attendees to the latest and greatest products and services for metalformers, fabricators and tool designers and builders. MetalForming's editors were there to chronicle what's new. Here we present some of those new products. Look for plenty more in future issues of MetalForming.
Kaizen Activities Include Move to Cellular Parts Cleaning
Deep-draw stamper ITW Highland, serving automotive customers as well as valve and appliance manufacturers, complements its inline parts-cleaning operations with a new cellular washer system.


Tooling Technology

QDC--Prestaging Can Cut Die-Change Time by More Than Half
Dedicated die-change equipment pays for itself quickly and ensures safe, rapid changeover time after time, and combined with a little ingenuity and elbow grease, can slice changeover by 50 percent or more.



From Beer Comes Inspiration
Things That Bother MePart Two
The Science of Forming
More Press Energy
Tooling by Design
Shut-Height Monitoring
Metalforming Electronics
Two Business-Succession-Plan ThrillersOne Doom, One Boom
Blackman on Taxes
Beware the Power of E-mails--They Can Amend Contracts
You and the Law
An Open Letter to the New President of the United States



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