Plenty of Line Changeouts

De La Torre runs 12 different die sets through the 180-in. line, in lot sizes of 600 to 720. “We run about 1.5 days worth of stampings for our customers, who require 420 to 460 parts per day,” he says. The line runs six die sets to stamp six different one-piece body sides for three car models, and two die sets each to stamp hoods, doors and floor pans. Blank width ranges from 2 to 3.6 m; the plant cuts all of its blanks, using three blanking lines.

Added benefits of the new transfer equipment include reduced setup time to change the tandem line over for a new job, as well as reduced maintenance costs. With the two-axis transfer equipment, the entire line comprised 14 pieces of equipment, including a loader and unloader for each press. Now five roboFeeder units and a blank loader at the front of the line keep the entire line fed with parts—that’s a lot fewer tool changes, and a lot less equipment to maintain. De La Torre says that the plant changes out the line in as little as 12 min., stationing two operators at each press to change dies. He plans to install automatic die clamps on the presses soon, to help reduce die-change time to less than 10 min.

“Plus, we now can use standard replacement parts,” says De La Torre, “easy and less costly to purchase than before.” Also streamlining maintenance and replacement of worn system components: The plant purchased an extra transfer arm that it can use for replacement parts, as well as for training and for upfront programming support. MF

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