NIMS OnlineTool Connects Competencies to Credentials to Careers

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) has created the NIMS Career Pathway Tool to help employers, job seekers and educators understand the numerous career pathways in the industry, how NIMS credentials help ensure skills at a variety of levels, and how they can be earned to enter and advance in careers.

NIMS, providing training and skill validation in precision manufacturing, offers more than 50 credentials that verify skills in a variety of job functions and processes. The Career Pathway Tool guides users in learning how these credentials relate to the specific jobs and skills in demand across the industry.

According to NIMS officials, employers can use the tool to enhance hiring practices, develop better job postings and incorporate NIMS credentials into training operations; educators can use it to design their curriculum, aligned with industry standards and directly linked to nationally recognized credentials; and students can use it to plan their career path by learning what credentials fit their personal career goals and to better translate their respective skills sets developed in their training program.

To access the NIMS Career Pathway Tool, visit


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