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Service Center Installs Double-Driven Eccentric Rotary Shear

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Olympic Steel’s Cleveland, OH facility has installed a new rotary shear from Butech Bliss, Salem, OH. The eccentric rotary shear features one knife holder providing downward displacement and a second knife holder that rotates upward across the strip. Their action is synchronized, along with reaction arms on roller guides, for cutting the strip at predetermined lengths without stopping. A pair of 400-hp motors power cutting at up to 200 ft./min. along an existing temper mill and cut-to-length (CTL) line. Other shear features include automatic knife-gap adjustment and threading tables.

Olympic Steel also announced plans to have Butech Bliss install a new CTL line at its service center in Gary, IN. The line, slated for installation in Q1 2012, will process high-strength steel 0.075 to 0.530 in. thick, and coils to 80,000 lb. by 74 in. wide.

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