Precision Leveler Providing Shape Correction for Boron-Clad Material

Monday, December 1, 2008
Ceradyne Canada, Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada, a manufacturing division of Ceradyne Inc., Costa Mesa, CA, installed a precision leveler to accompany a new rolling mill used to process boron-clad material. The leveler, a 3.5 Series machine from B&K, of Formtek-Maine, Clinton, ME, features 17 work rolls —3.5-in. dia.—and a 100-hp drive to provide shape correction to material in thicknesses to 0.330 in. and lengths to 192 in. It also has a special, low passline height of 32 in. to allow the material to move directly from the rolling mill through the leveler and onto conveyors.

Other leveler features: manually adjustable upper backups, a power tilt head and power-adjustable backup roll to allow for the correction of edge wave, center buckle, cross bow and coil set.


See also: Formtek Group, Inc., Ceradyne, Inc.

Related Enterprise Zones: Coil Handling, Materials/Coatings

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