Separator Designed to Prevent Welding-Fume Filter Fires

February 1, 2013

Welding exhaust-system manufacturer Kemper America, Alpharetta, GA, has introduced the SparkTrap separator, designed to prevent filter fires and extend the life of welding exhaust filters. Welding and metal-fabricating operations routinely generate large amounts of glowing particles and flying sparks that can cause fires in exhaust filters. Kemper’s SparkTrap separates sparks and larger items, such as cigarettes, before they reach the filter material.

The unit creates a swirling action that accelerates exhaust gases and sparks at speeds to 100 miles/hr. This high-speed swirling action, say Kemper officials, allows the separation of sparks and larger glowing particles from the airstream and redirects them into a collection tank. The collection tank can be removed and emptied even while the SparkTrap runs.

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Technologies: Welding and Joining


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