Virtual-Reality Welding Simulator Trains Students on Prep, Joining Procedures and Grinding

December 21, 2021

Tradeschool operator StrataTech Education Group, Phoenix, AZ, has launched a virtual-reality (VR) welding-training program called OcuWeld, designed to help students practice their welding skills outside of the classroom. The program allows students to learn the time-consuming and physical tasks of prepping, grinding and joining materials in a virtual environment that mimics classroom lab training.  Eliminating access, safety and cost concerns, OcuWeld’s virtual environment provides students with the academic benefits of accessibility, autonomy and amplification. 

Students can access OcuWeld anytime, anywhere without WiFi. OcuWeld VR training empowers students with the autonomy to practice and build skills across a variety of welding processes and rely heavily on muscle memory to gain proficiency. Finally, OcuWeld engages students with the ideal blend of gamification and education. Students enjoy learning in a fun and interactive and dynamic environment that mimics real-world applications. 

OcuWeld will launch at Tulsa (OK) Welding School and at The Refrigeration School, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, in January 2022, with plans to roll it out to all other StrataTech campuses later in 2022.

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