Bend Tooling Upgraded

August 1, 2008

Anchor Danly offers a datasheet
Bending Tool Upgraded
describing its extra-heavy-duty and recently upgraded Accu-Bend tool, available with rocker diameter from 20 to 80 mm and length from 50 to 900 mm. As an option, the tools can be ordered with a preconfigured pattern of mounting holes.

Using a simple design, the Accu-Bend transfers the vertical motion of the press into a smooth one-motion rotation. The smooth rotation provides a rotary-bend process that uses less tonnage and applies less strain on the material, according to company officials.

Accu-Bend tools include a tool-steel rocker in a steel saddle with a graphite-plugged aluminum-bronze liner. The units hold bend-angle tolerances of ±0.5 deg., and can overbend by as much as 120 deg. Use the tool to make these and other bends: square and over- or under-square, Z, channel, hat and J.

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