Proportional Directional Spool Valve for Constant-Delivery Pump Systems

July 1, 2008

Hawe Hydraulics, Charlotte, NC, offers its PSL proportional directional spool valve, ideal for constant-delivery pump systems. Adhering to the load-sensing principle, the spool valves control the direction of motion while delivering infinite speed control for hydraulic consumers regardless of load type and weight. With the option of a valve bank or manifold mounting design and several available actuation types, the PSL is well-suited for an array of mobile hydraulic applications, including crane controls.

Available in three sizes, PSL spool valves can be tailored to specific applications that require unequal maximum consumer flows at ports A and B, as well as additional operations including functional cut-off.

Several configurations of valve sections and sizes are available for the PSL to provide users with maximum functionality. A number of connection-block versions complete many functions, including feeding the electro-hydraulic actuation, arbitrary idle pump circulation, damping the flow controller or pump controller, and minimizing circulation back pressure.

Every PSL spool valve achieves a working pressure to 420 bar, a total consumer flow rate of 210 liters/min. and a total pump flow rate of 350 liters/min.

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