Powdered-Metal Components and More

October 1, 2018

Alpha Precision Group
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Different divisions of Alpha Precision Group focus on different metalforming processes. Sintered divisions produce an array of powdered-metal components for automotive, agricultural, recreational and small-engine customers. Products include high-density stainless-steel exhaust components; sprockets, vanes and rotors for the variable-valve-timing and variable-cam-timing applications; and fully assembled modular camshafts for the small-engine market.

Its Metal Injection Molding division provides components to the automotive, medical, firearms and aerospace industries using a range of materials including stainless steels, low-alloy carbon steels and a host of specialty materials.

The company’s Specialty Valve and Machined Products divisions manufacture high-quality pressure-relief valves and check valves for the automotive, HVAC, on/off-highway and consumer/industrial markets. They design, develop and manufacture custom assembly and testing equipment to meet customer needs.


See also: Alpha Precision Group, Inc.

Technologies: Tooling


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