High-Shear, High-Temperature Fiber-Filled Transfer Tapes

January 1, 2008

Adchem Corp., Riverhead, NY, a provider of film and foam bonding adhesive tapes, offers its new 7740 series of high-shear, high-temperature adhesive transfer tapes with bond strengths sufficient for splicing metal coils and other demanding applications. Testing has demonstrated resistance to thermal cycling, salt solution, acid, brake fluid and UV environments.

The transfer tapes are part of Adchem’s range of bonding solutions used in automotive, construction, electronics and general industrial applications. Adchem’s 7742-74 and 7745-74 durable transfer tapes, 2 and 5 mils respectively, consist of pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive and provide excellent shear strengths at temperatures to 300 F, according to company officials. Fiber reinforcement provides stability when the tape is slit to widths as narrow as 1⁄8 in. Adchem’s adhesive transfer tapes adhere to metals and plastics, including low-surface-energy substrates.

Adchem Corp.: 631/727-6000; www.adchem.com

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