Heavy-Duty Solid and Ejector-Style Punches

September 1, 2008

Punch and die manufacturer AW Precision LLC, Milwaukee, WI, has launched its latest range of heavy-duty punches—for piercing up to ½-in.-thick steel—in solid and ejector-style heavy-duty models.

During the perforating process, especially on thicker or modern high-strength steels, one of the most common causes of punch failure is for the head to shear, typically due to shock. If the punch shank pulls out during the stripping operation, again it is most likely that the fracture to the head was initiated by shock loading and not stripping pressures. The design of the heavy-duty punch allows the shock waves created by the perforating process to transfer through the center of the punch and a from the stress-raising points where the shank and head meet. This load is distributed into the toughened, hardened backing plate.

A larger-than-standard radius under the head and a reduced diameter on the head also add to the extra strength of the punch. The heavy-duty punches are manufactured of M2 HSS as standard.

AW Precision LLC: 414/421-8432; www.awprecision.com

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