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Die-Storage Blocks Boast Spring-Loaded Handles

July 9, 2024

Traditional methods of die storage can pose significant risks to employees. Workers often have to reach under dies to position or move wooden blocks, increasing the risk of accidents. As a safer option, Dayton Progress, a Misumi Group company, has introduced a series of die-storage blocks that enable the safe storage of heavy tools without requiring workers to reach under the blocks. Thanks to their spring-loaded handles, the blocks can be securely and easily placed above the tools, keeping hands and feet out of danger. This significantly reduces the risk of crushing injuries, say company officials, and replaces unsafe wooden blocks with a visible, durable solution.

Each block can bear a maximum load of 30 tons and keep dies 75 mm off of the ground. The blocks are powder coated in a highly visible yellow color to ensure a long service life in demanding conditions. 

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