Versatile Servo-Press Duo

October 1, 2017

Aida-America Corp.
Booths A5425, A5624

Aida-America will demonstrate two DSF-series servo presses. The first, an Aida DSF-C1-1500, 150-ton gap-frame servo press, will blank HSLA material while demonstrating Aida’s silent blanking motion profile, which can be achieved only using a servo press. The second, a DSF-N2-3000 300-ton, two-point, unitized-frame servo press, will be part of a full production line producing near-net-shape fineblanked parts from 4.5-mm-thick steel, while demonstrating how the press’ accuracy and programmability result in a more efficient and economical stamping process.

Industry-Related Terms: Blank, Blanking
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Technologies: Stamping Presses


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