New Servo-Mechanical Press from German Builder

June 1, 2009

MultiServoPress (MSP)German manufacturer H&T Produktions Technologie GmbH, represented in the United States by KaroTech, Inc., Oxford, CT, introduces the MultiServoPress (MSP) that combines the speed of a mechanical press with the flexibility of a hydraulic press, for precision metalforming applications. The servo-motor press interacting with

New Servo-mehanical press
planetary roller-thread spindles makes press force available in any stroke position and at any speed—maximum press force is ensured right through to zero speed. The press is designed so that sensors recognize the position of the ram as a control variable during operations. Depending on the load—even an eccentric load—the ram als is positioned according to the set point, compensating for any skews present in the system.

The press can be operated by means of a hand-wheel, allowing operators to adjust the ram sensitively at full press force, at any point and time. Maximum safety is ensured by an emergency on-off switch integrated into the hand wheel.

As ram speed is controllable, forming operations can be carried out with modified ram movement and reduced tool wear. At the same time, noise and vibration emissions are reduced.

H&T tested a 35-strokes/min. tool design on the MSP, operating the press at 100 strokes/min. without having to make any modifications to the tool. The tool beforehand only had been deployed on a mechanical eccentric press.

High-level dynamics interact with quick positioning control, allowing forming operations to be combined with added processes such as joining, side piercing, welding, laser marking, metal-plastic combinations or heattreatment.

The MSP was developed in collaboration between H&T and the SIBEA GmbH Zwickau, which developed the electro-automation system based primarily on Siemens components. Models are available from 630 kN to 2500 kN, and can be used for transfer and progressive tools.

KaroTech, Inc.: 203/463-4238;

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