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2024 Mexico Stamping Technology Webinar Series Recap

April 23, 2024

The Mexico Stamping Technology Webinar Series provided more than 600 attendees with four days of learning about the most current information on numerous technology trends in the metal forming industry in Mexico.

If you missed the series, you can watch each session below:

Session 1: April 9

  • Material Engineering for Sheet Metal Forming—Young’s Modulus, Hardening Curve, n-value, r-value, Yield Surface, Forming Limit Curve, Strain Rate Dependency and Kinematic Hardening—Benjamin Morales, Technical Manager, AutoForm Engineering Mexico
  • Loads in a Stamping Press; Dealing with Off-Center Loading—David Diaz-Infante, Servo Press Scientist, Nidec Press and Automation
Watch Session 1

Session 2: April 11

  • New Challenges in Stamping Using AHSS and Aluminum—Jaime Hernandez, Director—SW USA and Mexico Operations, Phoenix Group
  • Draw Die, Trim Die and Flange Optimization for Aluminum and Steel—Jaime Hernandez, Director—SW USA and Mexico Operations, Phoenix Group
  • Transfer System Optimization—Best Practices for Improving Throughput—Ryan Duba, Director of Business Development, T-Sim Solutions
Watch Session 2

Session 3: April 16

  • Springback Prediction and Compensation During Draw Operations—Benjamin Morales, Technical Manager, AutoForm Engineering Mexico
  • Selecting a Press: Conventional Mechanical (Flywheel) or Servomechanical—David Diaz-Infante, Servo Press Application Engineer, Nidec Minster
  • Servo-Press Technology—an Advanced Course—Juan Carlos Herrera, Chief of Sales, Komatsu Industries México, S.A. DE C.V.
Watch Session 3

Session 4: April 18

  • Tool and Die Maintenance—Alvaro Garcia Ortiz, Sales Manager, MEXIMH
  • Metalworking Fluids 101 + Your Bottom Line—Pedro Martinez, Chemist, Tower Metalworking Fluids
  • Sensors for Die Protection—Enrique Rios, Mexico District Manager, Wintriss Controls Mexico
Watch Session 4


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