Heavy Hitters

The 60,000-sq.-ft. Ferguson facility in New Castle specializes in perforating material 20 gauge to ½ in. thick; its RI sister plant tackles thinner work. “We’re the heavy hitters,” says the plant’s manufacturing operations supervisor Gary Mrosko. “In addition to perforating, we can shear to width and length, and level to hold tight dimensional tolerances on perforated parts.”

The plant also houses a limited number of metal-fabricating machines —a press brake and a three-roll plate roll, for example. “Our Rhode Island facility offers more robust metal-fabricating capabilities,” says Mrosko, “while here we outsource most fabrication work to local shops that specialize in forming, welding etc.”

We toured the New Castle facility to see perforating in action, and learn first-hand about continuous-improvement initiatives that most metalformers are familiar with—setup-time reduction and first-part quality, for example. These initiatives were cited by Colombi as focal points for other IPA members as well.

“We’ve reduced setup times by 50 percent during the last few years,” he says, “primarily thanks to better planning and assigning specific tasks to each individual responsible for changing over our lines. We’ve also improved, by 50 percent, our first-time run success, thanks primarily to improved tool alignment and press setup.”

“Everyone in the plant is an internal customer of someone else,” Turner adds. “The tooling person supplies the press operator, the press operator supplies the leveler operator, and so on. We nurture the philosophy that everyone has to satisfy their particular customer.” MF

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