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Million-Dollar Acquisition Strategy to Expand SIMPAC's North American Service Division

August 25, 2020

SIMPAC America, North American subsidiary of South Korea’s SIMPAC Inc., has responded to massive layoffs and furloughs post-COVID-19 by investing more than $1 million toward job opportunities in the United States. 

Simpac worker on laptopThe company already has addressed the industry-wide need for immediate accessibility to critical spare parts and support. As such, SIMPAC initially collaborated with various sales agents and service organizations to provide the market with a diverse level of technical expertise that would be available nation-wide. Collaborations include, but are not limited to, D&S Machine Repair (Hastings, MI), CSP Equipment (Ontario, Canada), Pearl Equipment (Nashville, TN), and Gem Automation (Hillside, IL).  

With a headcount of 10 employees across North America, and current projects valued at more than $30 million, SIMPAC America plans to hire 15 employees over the next few years—starting with its new Service Division. 

SIMPAC America’s new Sr. Mechanic Specialist, Gwanghaeng Lee, has more than 18 years of experience in press installations, trial-runs, and automation processes. From tandem-line setup and calibration of automated systems, to analyzing production process improvement and optimization, to troubleshooting mechanical, hydraulic, and servomechanical operations, metal formers can expect a massive increase in knowledge transfer with the addition of Mr. Lee. 

Simpac press operator“Mr. Lee will prove to be a crucial asset to the North American team as we continue to grow and support all our customers, as well as the market as a whole,” explains SIMPAC America’s President, YH Kim. “We already have strategic partnerships in place with esteemed suppliers such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, and Baumüllerjust to name a few. Mr. Lee has great knowledge of the human machine interface that includes the PLC and drives of these brands among others.” 

SIMPAC America also hired a new Sales & Service Manager this summer, Brian Lee, to further improve upon internal/external communications, logistics, and quality assurance. With more than 8 years of experience in overseas sales and cross-functional team projects across Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Brian will proficiently coordinate and manage all field service activitiesincluding repairs, rigging, installation, commissioning, etc. Metal formers can expect a dramatic impact in customer service and support with the addition of both new hires within SIMPAC America’s Service Division.

Simpac building and logo“At SIMPAC, we firmly believe that relationships between the press manufacturer and metal former must go beyond the buy-off. This expansion has been in our pipeline for a little over a year now, and we are proud to officially announce our new Service Division,” states Stephan Robertson, General Manager/VP of Sales & Operations at SIMPAC America. “If anything, COVID-19 has made us stronger as a team, and we have been working tirelessly to reassure the market that we stand by our mission of being accessible while also providing a desirable price-performance ratio.”

SIMPAC’s 2019 sales were reportedly more than $360 million, and despite the global pandemic are anticipated to exponentially increase with its new service solutions and acquisition strategy in place. The company continues to prove itself as a global leader of metal forming technology with its unbeatably fast delivery times, extensive production capabilities, massive inventory of plate, and casting, gear, and fab shops that ensure competitive and cost-efficient production of high-quality, sophisticated press systems.

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