High-Speed, High-Precision Press Technologies

March 1, 2008

High-speed, high-precision press technologies

Oak Press Solutions Inc., Sturgis, MI, will spotlight the performance of its high-speed precision presses, including straightside two- and four-point presses, and C-frame single-point models, with force ratings from 30 to 300 tons and speeds to 1500 strokes/min. The display will show innovative design, engineering and construction features such as the Scotch Yoke slide assembly that connects directly to the eccentric shaft, eliminating the need for connecting rods; and the extensive application of antifriction bearings throughout the press, including preloaded, zero-clearance slide gibs, that contribute high press accuracy.

This patented design minimizes the stack-up tolerances found with typical press designs, and maximizes slide parallelism, even with off-center loads in large-progressive-die applications. Also highlighted: a patented hydraulic system that provides simple dial-in shut-height adjustment and also includes an exclusive withdrawal feature that allows the crown and slide to be raised as much as 12 in. for die access for repairs or changeouts.


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