Feintool to Expand and Invest in Next-Generation Hybrid Powertrains

June 28, 2023

feintool-expansion-servo-pressFeintool continues to expand and invest in next-generation hybrid-capable transmissions for its customers. “Our $26-million, 47,000-sq.-ft. expansion represents a 25-percent increase in plant size at our Nashville facility,” says Christoph Trachshler, CEO, Feintool U.S. operations, “and is part of our transformation towards an electrified future.”

Feintool’s expansion will make room for a new 1600-ton direct-drive servo transfer press planned to enter service in Q1 2025. “The expansion will create 25 new jobs to help meet demand for automotive transmissions hubs, clutch basket, and gear spiders,” explains Dan Swiger, Feintool Tennessee vice president and general manager. The investment allows the firm to expand its capabilities in metal forming and combine large-tonnage, extended-table direct-drive servo technology on the new forming presses with state-of-the-art in-tool roller-tool technology. It also provides Feintool with the ability to form high-quality components in a single tool run at lower costs when compared to other machining processes.

Additional presses and capabilities include a new 880-ton fineblanking press, CNC lathes, laser-welding equipment, and new parts washers and tumblers. 

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