One-Click Cost Calculation for Sheet Metal-Fabricating Processes

August 30, 2023

Optimate-App-Cost-Calculation-sheet-metal-processingOptimate cloud-based software, as an app or CAD plug-in, now features integrated cost calculation where job shops and OEMs that produce and design sheet metal products need only a single click to calculate the costs of their parts.

The software from Optimate GmbH, a Trumpf spinoff, allows product designers and sheet metal processors to identify defective parts in advance and adjust them if necessary, even before they enter production. In addition to analyzing individual parts, assemblies with as many as 25 individual parts also can be checked for feasibility and optimization potential.

Prior, the software had given a percentage indication of the potential savings of the optimized design compared to the existing variant. This provided a good indicator to determine the changed production costs, and held potential for optimization of the product.

“With the introduction of integrated cost calculation, this now becomes easier and more precise,” explains Jonas Steiling, Optimate GmbH CEO. “Our users receive the specific price for their sheet metal parts at the push of a button.”

The calculated sum reportedly is based on the contributing cost factors for material, scrap and the manufacturing process, i.e., the complete sheet metal process from laser cutting to bending and welding.

“When considering the overall costs, it must be taken into account that not only the material used is decisive, but also the design and the process steps required for it,” Steiling says. “Users can rely on our concentrated sheet metal knowledge here: all cost parameters are based on the specific know-how of our parent company Trumpf, which has grown over decades.”

In addition to the material costs, costs for scrap, setup and production times as well as machine hourly rates also are included. Based on the classification, companies then can break down the costs for the detailed product processing steps. Once the cost drivers have been identified, optimization potential can be derived from this information.

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