Single-Probe Double-Sheet Detector

September 1, 2010

Prime Controls, Inc., Dayton, OH, introduces the Pulser single-probe double-sheet detector that can operate in locations where space limits the use of dual-probe detectors. The Pulser features a newly designed single probe with a pulsed electromagnet that quickly samples ferrous alloy sheets without holding on to them like previous single-probe detectors using permanent magnets. The unit can detect sheets 30 percent thicker than can comparable double-sheet detectors, making it useful in a broader range of sheet-feeding applications.

The Pulser double-sheet detector comprises a sensor probe and a control unit. Four models, with different diameters and magnet strengths, can detect sheetmetal thickness from 0.01 to 0.25 in. The sensor probes, ruggedly constructed of stainless steel, have a built-in metal proximity detector, which allows the detector to turn off after thickness measurement, count sheets and detect that the last sheet has advanced.

The DS200 control unit features simple one-button calibration that automatically measures the thickness of a sample sheet, calculates the double thickness value and sets the reject threshold. An optional two-sample calibration process allows the control unit to detect and respond to variations in sheetmetal thickness as small as five percent.

Prime Controls, Inc.: 866/435-8659; www.primecontrols.com
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