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Machine Monitoring and Analysis to Drive Quick, Informed Decisions

August 9, 2023

MachineMetrics-machine-monitoringMachineMetrics has announced a relaunch of its machine-monitoring platforms, enabling manufacturers to connect equipment, monitor and analyze performance, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and notify frontline workers to make data-driven decisions that optimize production, according to company officials.

The platforms reportedly are quick to deploy, and simple to use and scale across one or multiple factories. Plug-and-play adaptors eliminate the need for time-consuming data tag mapping and data standardization, while vertically focused, out-of-the-box apps, offer company officials, drive immediate and continuous value for manufacturers. Use these platforms for production monitoring, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and process optimization.

Specifically, MachineMetrics’ Edge platform provides a scalable solution for manufacturers that can be self-installed to collect data from any piece of equipment and enable actionable machine insights, reportedly in minutes. Users can push data to the cloud or process and analyze at the source to provide operators with critical and timely visibility needed to avoid potential downtime and production losses. 

For analysis, the company’s Cloud platform ensures that all data are gathered and processed in one centralized location, providing secure, reliable remote access from anywhere. The multi-tenant platform leverages custom infrastructure uniquely optimized for machine data-ingestion, explain company officials, to enable instant analytics and insights, including machine performance and condition monitoring, and reporting via APIs and BI-integrations, to help improve users’ ability to make decisions based on real data.

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