Greenerd Introduces Web-Based Press Remote Access

August 1, 2008

Greenerd Press & Machine Co., Inc., Nashua, NH, has introduced pressport, a private online network for users of its hydraulic presses. Using pressport, stampers can obtain real-time status updates of their press operations by logging in and viewing data via an Ethernet connection over a secure VPN network. An Alarm Management feature sends instant text messages and e-mail notifications to mobile phones, PDA devices and computers if an operation occurs outside the programmable logic controller variables. Notifications can include cycle and batch completions, clogged filters, etc. In addition, a hot button allows operators to send an alert directly into a Greenerd engineer for technical support.

“With pressport,” says Greenerd president Tim Dining, “customers can manage press operations remotely just as if they were inhouse. They will be immediately alerted to any problems so that they can quickly manage the situation without delay. This translates into real cost and time savings, minimizing downtime and service calls while improving productivity.”

Tom Lavoie, Greenerd applications manager, continues: “For example, if a plant manager is a from the shop and his operators are running a 400-part job, pressport allows the manager to access the job’s status and see whether a motor is idle, off or running, from any computer or handheld device that has Internet access. And, should an interruption occur, he will instantly receive a text message on his mobile phone or PDA so he can respond immediately.”

The pressport web human machine interface allows users to view animated screens or tabular data through a standard web-browser interface and view maintenance reports, production data and other critical sensor data.

Data logging, reporting and trending features also can be accessed from an internal database, and users can program custom reports based on the information they need.

Greenerd makes pressport technology available on new presses or as a retrofit to an existing Greenerd press.

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