Bi-Directional Inductive Coupler Powered by IO-Link

October 1, 2016

Booth C16062

Balluff announces the expansion of its IO-Link enabled inductive-coupling product family to include bi-directional IO-Link communication. The Balluff inductive-coupling solution enables transfer of power and data over a small air gap, making it ideally suited in the industrial space where getting I/O in hard to reach places or to moving components is a challenge. The IO-Link inductive coupler, with its small compact IP67 housing (40 by 40 by 70 mm), reportedly is the industry's first compact inductive coupler to offer 32 bytes of bi-directional data transfer over a standard 4-pole M12 sensor cable. It's also rated for 500 mA at a 5-mm gap with 24-V power.

Also on display at the Balluff booth: a new family of network I/O blocks optimized for extremely noisy electrical environments, such as welding. These new Weldblocks are constructed with fiberglass-reinforced composite that inherently resists weld spatter while effectively combating grounding loops and electromagnetic interference (EMI).
Industry-Related Terms: Spatter, Transfer
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Technologies: Fabrication, Sensing/Electronics/IOT


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