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5G Technology Ensures Connectivity Reliability

March 14, 2022

5G-Industry-40-IOTA report from Frost & Sullivan, titled 5G in Process Industries, finds that the limitations of 4G networks are enabling 5G technology to become an important ally for Industry 4.0. The high bandwidth and low latency provided by 5G networks, along with the organizational and economic benefits of industrial digitization and falling prices of technologies such as machine learning and Big Data analytics, are pushing manufacturers toward implementing Industry 4.0 solutions.

"Industry 4.0 and the industrial IoT are increasing the number of smart sensors at manufacturing plants and enabling machine-to-machine communications," says Marina Salaber, research analyst, Industrial Practice, Frost & Sullivan. "5G broadband's capabilities enable connections to numerous devices and simultaneously process large masses of data, addressing the concern about the increasing requirement of data traffic that modern factories need.

"High reliability allows businesses to incorporate automation processes that depend on the correct network operations,” Salaber adds. “5G, in this regard, surpasses the boundaries of digitization, allowing a dependency on network processes and protecting companies from high production costs and stoppages that connection dropouts cause."

The report also discusses the impact of the pandemic on maintenance activities, noting that advanced predictive maintenance through IOT is transforming risk management in all industry verticals.

“Manufacturers must partner with artificial-intelligence, 5G network, and data-management software providers to achieve suitable energy management,” say the report authors. “They also can utilize cutting-edge software such as machine learning and deep data analytics to process the information collected and provide an end-to-end solution.”

Also covered: use of autonomous and collaborative robots to increase the reliability and efficiency of production lines. 

Technologies: Sensing/Electronics/IOT


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