Secure, Real-Time Analytics from PLC and Other Automation Data

July 1, 2017

A secure technology that delivers real-time industrial data analytics on data collected from PLCs and other automation devices has been released by partners HTM Sensors Inc. and Route1 Inc. The technology, called Spotlight, Powered by MobiNet, provides quantitative-based actionable information to drive industrial process efficiency and maximize productivity while minimizing unplanned downtime and cost, according to company officials.

The product collects PLC data and analyzes it to help users identify automation issues and opportunities for improvement. Spotlight, Powered by MobiNet, includes a hardened data-collection device, which resides in a user’s plant and is programmed to communicate, using industry standard OPC/UA, with PLCs and other controlling devices. For security, it is internally firewalled from the plant’s network. All data are encrypted and transmitted using Route1’s CryptoPath secure communication service, featuring MobilNet, which confirms the identities of individual users and their entitlement to access specific applications, data or resources. It securely transports, transforms and aggregates the process data into an enterprise-grade database.

The product offers automated industrial-data analytic capabilities; provides customer dashboard functionality, identifying in real-time the top productivity issues and recommendations; and includes a content-management system as well as alert and notification capabilities.

The dashboard can be viewed via a plant-floor display and through a secure web-based interface where users can view remotely their dashboard as well as standardized reports.

“Our market review tells us that other industrial data-analytics offerings are unable to get to the PLC input level for analytics,” says said Bob Hooper, president of HTM Sensors. “The Spotlight offering will provide a unique value proposition for customers—the real-time identification of automation issues and related recommendations to drive cost savings and increased production output.” 

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