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High-Speed Laser Scanner

September 22, 2020
Exact-Metrology-Hexagon-RS6Exact Metrology, a metrology-service provider, introduces the Hexagon RS6 laser scanner, designed for high-speed, accurate scanning at up to 1.2 million points/sec. and with a scan rate of 300 Hz. The RS6 employs a wide 150-mm laser stripe at midrange and includes a visual guide to provide real-time feedback of standoff distance. 

Built using systematic high-intelligence noise-elimination (SHINE) technology, the RS6 laser scanner delivers full scanning performance even on the most challenging surfaces, say company officials. Whether it’s a glossy black plastic automotive body part or a molded carbon-fiber component, the scanner reportedly operates without any reduction in quality or productivity. Furthermore, SHINE technology allows users to scan 99 percent of parts without touching the scanner exposure. With repeatable mounting, the scanner can be removed if necessary and replaced without need for calibration; it’s certified ISO 10360 8 on all seven-axis RA8 Absolute Arms. 

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