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May 10, 2024

Sony-Aitrios-vision-AI-Automate-2024Combining edge computing—the practice of processing data close to the source of that data—with artificial intelligence (AI), Aitrios, from Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group, offers the possibility of improved inline vision part sensing and more for manufacturers. Manufacturing applications include object detection, and part anomaly detection and classification. 

The new edge AI sensing platform service works in tandem with cloud AI on IoT devices to analyze data, then selects and converts only the necessary information and sends it to the cloud. Why such a setup? The growing number of IoT devices is increasing the load involved in processing the array of data in the cloud, according to company officials, which leads to challenges in handling and processing vast amounts of data; privacy risks; latency in data transmission, processing and analysis;  high electric-power consumption; service continuity issues; and issues with security maintenance.

Aitrios reportedly overcomes these challenges, and combined with image-sensing capability of Sony, offers real-time vision-sensing performance in production lines where real-time performance is critical and latency can be a problem.

Aitrios capabilities are integrated directly into a sensing device, reportedly keeping massive amounts of vision data local, and reducing the volume of data that must be moved by processing that data on the device. This has the added benefit of ensuring privacy, minimizing latency through edge-side processing, and enhancing security by only transmitting essential information to the cloud. By reducing data sent, Aitrios reduces electric-power consumption and delays in data transmission, offering advantages in service continuity.

The heart of Aitrios is Sony's IMX500 intelligent vision sensor, equipped with AI processing functionality to provide high-speed AI processing and metadata output directly on the sensor. Only metadata needs to be sent to the cloud for action.

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