Omron AMRs With ROEQ Lifter and Roller Modules

March 1, 2024

Omron has launched MD-650 and MD-900 medium-payload autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in the United States and Canda, with top lifter and roller modules by ROEQ. A lifter top module enables an AMR to drive underneath cargo, then lift and transport it to the desired location, while a top roller ensures that cargo is transferred seamlessly from the AMR to a conveyor station, thus providing  a fully automated, efficient logistics cycle, explain Omron officials.

Omron-ROEQ-AMR-pallet-lifterThe flat-top TML500/TML750 Lifter enables MD-series AMRs to safely pick up, transport and drop off pallets and cargo weighing to 1120 lb. with the MD-650 and 1680 lb. with the MD-900. A new ROEQ PR750 Pallet Rack also is available with a space-saving Multi Rack option. And, an optional ROEQ Cargo Sensor Kit provides additional control to ensure that goods stay in place on the AMR. The lifter is available for both U.S. and Euro pallets.

Omron-ROEQ-AMR-top-rollerThe heavy-duty TR600/TR700 Roller allows MD-series AMRs to pick up and deliver heavy goods, to 1490 lb.) between conveyor stations. The full solution includes the ROEQ GuardCom system, which provides additional safety and efficiency when transferring between the top roller and the receiving station, using robust sensor technology.

Both modules come with ROEQ Assist software for rapid and consistent setup, and are compliant with safety standards. A ROEQ cart, boosting the payload capacity of the MD-series AMRs, reportedly will be released later this year.

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