Mobile Pallet Wrapper Eliminates Hand Packaging

June 1, 2008

GaleWrap, Douglasville, GA, has introduced the GW-3500 mobile
Mobile pallet wrapper eliminates hand packaging
pallet wrapper as an alternative for conventional hand wrapping. The portable all-in-one pallet wrapper and pallet jack offers improved productivity, consistently wrapped loads, elimination of wasted film and reduced worker injuries, according to company officials.

The GW-3500 handles 70-ft.-diagonal loads, wraps 10 loads/hr. and runs at 11 rpm. Other features include manually adjustable film tension, up/down wrapping cycles, independent top and bottom wrap-pattern selection from one to nine wraps, and a splash-proof wrapping mode. The mobile pallet wrapper also eliminates load failures by securely wrapping each load. Its mobility allows for wrapping anywhere and its small footprint allows for simple storage.

GaleWrap: 770/900-6798;

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