Lightweight Universal Grippers from Destaco Ideal for Stamping-Press Operations

May 17, 2021

Destaco-84N5-pneumatic-gripper-stampingDestaco, Auburn Hills, MI, has added to its portfolio of lightweight, high-performance sheet metal grippers for press-shop applications by introducing the 84N5-series gripper.  Part of the firm’s Accelerate collection, the new grippers combine strength, speed, durability and lightweight materials to deliver high-velocity operation with reduced moment forces, minimizing system wear. Operating at actuation speeds of 78 msec, the grippers maintain a firm gripping force of 1200 N at 5 bar. 

“Uptime, faster throughput with reduced maintenance and costs are critical for our customers to stay competitive,” says Gary Labadie, Destaco’s global product director for grippers. “This new gripper … is universal, highly configurable and fully adjustable.”

The 84N5 grippers are available in fixed, double-open and 90-deg. jaw configurations. The jaws are interchangeable and can quickly be adjusted in the field in 10 min. or less with an Allen wrench. The jaws include a visual opening-angle indicator and are adjustable at any point within a 15- to 75-deg. opening angle. A series of color-coded tips lets the user visually know what sheet metal thickness can be gripped. The 84N5 jaws are universally designed to accept single- and double-tip designs. 

Also included: in-jaw sensing that validates when a part is positioned between the jaws. The side-body sensing option includes two sensors that let the user self-determine whether single-blank, double-blank, full-open or full-close operation is required. A failsafe locking mechanism prevents part drop should the gripper lose air pressure. 

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